About this page [en, pl]

Hi I'm Jacek and I'm a seasoned full stack developer.


To get to the blog just click on categories in the header. Best to start with development.

In my development career, I developed a lot of working, robust, software, on deadline, either alone or in a small team.

If you want someone that will make your software with latest NoSQL whatnots, with a shiny fashionable frontend, and make it automatically haiku compliant. I'm not your man.

If you, however, need to someone to make robust, working software using proven technologies on time. I might be your man.

Usually, I use Python and Django/Django Rest Framework with Postgresql. I do a lot of devops (Docker). I know Java and do write Android Apps occasionally. Some time ago I did a lot of Java/C and Python/C interop. I did some scientific-ish work in python numpy and scipy.

I'll add a list of more or less interesting software projects I finished in the near future, for now, please see my developer profile.

So if you want to hire me, drop me an email at jacek@askesis.pl . Right now I'm not looking for full-time work (unless you want to throw fabulously good conditions).