About Askesis Technology [en, pl]

Hi I'm Jacek and I'm a seasoned full stack developer, and I'm a sole proprietor of Askesis Technology (which should explain the header of this page).


To get to the blog just click on categories in the header. Best to start with development.

In my development career, I developed a lot of working, robust, software, on deadline, either alone or in a small team.

If you want someone that will make your software with latest NoSQL whatnots, with a shiny fashionable frontend, and make it automatically haiku compliant. I'm not your man.

If you, however, need to someone to make robust, working software using proven technologies on time. I might be your man.

Usually, I use Python and Django/Django Rest Framework with Postgresql. I do a lot of devops (Docker). I know Java and do write Android Apps occasionally. Some time ago I did a lot of Java/C and Python/C interop. I did some scientific-ish work in python numpy and scipy.

I'll add a list of more or less interesting software projects I finished in the near future, for now, please see my developer profile.

So if you want to hire me, drop me an email at jacek@askesis.pl . Right now I'm not looking for full-time work (unless you want to throw fabulously good conditions), but side projects are always welcome.