How to have randomized survey with each question timed

Qualtrics is a enterprisy survey tool that is very popular in psychology research field.

So I needed to create a survey in Qualtrics, where:

  1. Order of questions in a section will be randomized;
  2. Each question will be timed;

To my suprise it's not obvious how to do it, there are even unresolved questions on a Stack Exchange site.

So here is how to do it:

  1. Each question should be paired with a timing question.
  2. Each question pair (that is: "normal question" and timing question) should be put into a separate block.
  3. Then you go to Survey Flow, and add these blocks to a randomizer element;
  4. To provide intro and outro sections you might want create Group flow element;

In the end my survey looked like that:

Randomiser with question blocks. Each block contains a question and a timing question.

Survey part with intro, outro and randomiser.

PS. If you need help some help with getting qualtrics working precisely like you want it to work --- do get in touch with me at