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Here I enumerate (and explain) some choices I made on this site.

  • This is a static site --- html is generated from .rst files, and then served by anything [*] . Static site means no need to handle security patching of CMSes (which, somehow, always need patching).

    Using restructuredText as markup format means I probably won't loose the content I created (I was blogging for a long time --- let's say I've seen Blogger go out of beta, and most of my blogs were lost due to me loosing interest, and also not being able to easily move my content).

  • Self hosted means no third party with unreadable T&C (technically hosted on gitlab pages, their T&C are bearable). Also no third party tracks you.

  • Not much tracking: I have added very simple tracker implemented via dead simple lambda function.

  • No CDN's and third parties --- I hate when some site uses javascript from (or similar).

  • No javascript

  • Limited CSS markup --- OK I used single webfont.

  • Nice geeky look --- Well I'm a nerd. And how many monotype pages you know ;)?

  • Looks nice on phones --- there are a lot of technical sites that just work awfully on small screens.

[*]Currently hosted on Gitlab Pages.