How to put math in pelican blog posts withoug relying on third-party CDN

This blog is rendered using pelican, pelican is a python program that reads files in restructured text (or in markdown) and produces a static site.

Recent versions of pelincan has a plugin that transparently handles math directives, and renders them using MathJAX library. Hovewer it uses mathjax from, and I have decided that this blog will contain resources only from domains I control.

Luckily it turned out that fixing this was easier than I thought:

  1. Copy the es5 directory from the github mathjax repository. to the static file folder of your template.

  2. Add the following to your site config:

    MATH_JAX = {
        "source": '''"''' + SITEURL + '''/theme/mathjax-es5/tex-chtml-full.js"'''

    I think that /theme/ should be more along the lines of THEME_STATIC_DIR variable in jinja context, but I don't really care that much.

  3. Sadly you'll need to redo it in as it uses different SITEURL.